Melissa + Tom // Moody Fall Mountain Fort Collins Family Shoot // Horsetooth Reservoir, Fort Collins Photographers

Such a fun late afternoon in November close to Horsetooth Reservoir. I just love it when the moodiness of the sky and weather takes over a shoot. It adds so much depth to the photos. Plus, Melissa and Tom were great and super playful. I loved getting to know them a little bit better and enjoyed working with them throughout the planning process. They are going home with a beautiful canvas for their home, as well as prints for their family and some digital products for archival and printing purposes. This is why I love what I do <3. 

Fall 2017 With The Meiers // Pumpkin Patch + Halloween // Fort Collins Family Photographer

Every few months I try and blog about my own family because 1. It forces me to take pictures and document, 2. This time is so precious and 3. This is how I like to shoot and is also similar to how I would document your family :). Fall in Fort Collins is the best -- and every year I am so thankful for the beautiful weather and fun activities we have the option of doing. 

This Fall was extremely busy for me as it is every year. It's such a sought after season and for good reason (maybe I should make a little song about this??). But really, September and October are filled with so many fun shoots from seniors to families to newborns. I love the warm tones and the colorful surroundings on top of the super fun activities, all picture perfect. So how did we spend our Fall you may ask? Well this year I didn't get to do much locally because I was so busy, but we did make it to the pumpkin patch, get outside for some trick or treating and I snuck in a 10 day trip to Germany with my 11 month old. That's probably why we didn't do as much as we normally do :). Every year is a little bit different but it's so fun that being a parent opens you up to so many new activities. 

Little E was sick on Halloween day. She was running a fever so we missed out on a party, but she rallied for a quick evening trick or treat session so she didn't completely miss out. I was thankful she didn't share her new learned phrase when she was ringing doorbells (i.e. "Trick or treat, smell my feet..."). She picked out her Belle dress from Beauty and The Beast a few days earlier; it was a must-have. Junebug also got to celebrate her very first Halloween as a little lamb (a repeat costume from Little E because mama didn't have time to be very creative this year). It was still a great day though. 

All of these photos are just some quick snaps. My 3 year old will not smile at the camera or even look at me when I actually ask her to -- the "threenager" is strong in that one. Junie tries, but is normally occupied by her sister smothering her with love. Totally our life with this rad little family. 

Enjoy our quick little Fall adventures :). 

Oh, and let's not forget that Eleanor HATES pants right now -- so she always rolls them up so she can wear "shorts." 

Pumpkin Patch: The Bartels Farm


Pumpkin Patch Senior Rep Shoot // Something From The Farm // Fort Collins Senior Pictures

Loved spending the afternoon with these ladies! It is SO SO fun to go out and do activity based shoots with my senior reps. I am excited to announce that you will be seeing many more of these fun shoots, and that our senior rep program has expanded to basically a year round thing! What's up next?? Christmas!! 

Thank you Something From The Farm for allowing us to come take pictures at your pumpkin patch. The girls and I loved it! The pumpkins are adorable -- so if you haven't been out there yet this is the perfect little afternoon activity for all families and friends. Shop Local ;).

The Evans' Fall Family Session // Fort Collins Family Photographer // Northern Colorado

So thankful for this family -- old college friends and cute kiddos :). Little B is such a fun little guy. I love that he always has his hat on. Cheers to the beautiful Fall, dear friends!

Adi's Senior Session // Poudre High School // Northern Colorado Senior Photographer

Full Name: Adi Sadeh

Instagram Profile Username: adi_sadeh

High School: Poudre High School

What do you want to be when you're older?: When I am older I want to work for Non-profit organizations and be in the peace corps. I am very passionate about service work and traveling!! I want to major in environmental studies as well.

What are your passions, hobbies, etc.?: I love snowboarding, running, climbing, yoga, and basically anything outdoors. I also really love photography and traveling . I am very passionate about service and I am really involved with leadership.

Favorite Ice Cream?: Chunky Monkey Ben and Jerry's (Vegan Version)

If you could go on any adventure right now, what and where would it be?: If I could go on any adventure right now I would probably go to Nepal, stay in a hostel, do service for those in need, and trek and snowboard in the Himalayas. From there I would go to Bali and surf and have fun adventures on the beach while staying in a bungalow and doing yoga. Then I would go to a crazy music festival in Spain or Argentina (If I go to Argentina then I have to go to Patagonia) to learn Spanish and because I am obsessed with all music, I am very into going to concerts and festivals. I would just want to experience different cultures and do things out of my comfort zone.

Hair: Beauty By Brianna Joy at Bask Salon
Makeup: Dotted With Hearts

Back To School Senior Shoot // Time Travel Is Real // Fort Collins Senior Photos

Don't you wish you could time travel? Well I'm here to tell you, you can! As everyone has been gearing up to go back to school over the last few weeks, it brings back so many memories and childhood joys. If you have a high school student or are a high school student, I bet you can remember recess, playing hopscotch, swinging on the swings and so much more. It's not all lost yet though -- you can still take a stroll down memory lane! 

You guys, THIS IS WHY PHOTOS ARE IMPORTANT!! The days may be slow but the years are quick. You never want to regret not taking that photo -- or worse, not printing that photo only to be lost on your phone or on the non-existent CD that has corrupted. Do you memories justice and hire an awesome photographer like me ;). 

So now that we are in the busy Fall season....try to remember to:

1. Take that photo, even when it's a pain. 

2. Print that photo, and better yet, hire a photographer who will truly create heirlooms for you. 

3. Have fun, know this busy season will pass all too fast and more sleep is on the way. You will be another year older, wiser and more experienced without even feeling how quickly it will go.  

4. Pumpkin Spice everything.

5. Get ready for Christmas carols. 

I'm out you guys -- Have a wonderful week!

<3 Ashley