Kelly Moore B-Hobo Bag Review

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Kelly Moore Bags are all the rage in the photography world right now. Izzy thinks they're pretty stylish!  Not many companies make stylish and functional camera bags, so why wouldn't they be popular?  Photography is such a "trendy" field to be involved in, so it's nice to have a few options when contemplating your camera bag.  I have been using a medium sized Lowepro bag over the last few years, and I was ready to transition into something a little bit less black and boring.  I still use it for storing extra equipment and for when I need some extra weather protection, but the Kelly Moore B-Hobo bag is now my full-time sidekick when shooting.  I researched bags for weeks before I made my final decision.  Here are some thoughts about the bag if you're contemplating the purchase.

{The Bag} The bag is super cute in terms of the design.  I absolutely love the Turquoise color, and it is semi-consistent with some of my branding.  Honestly, it was one of the reasons I chose the B-Hobo; I hadn't seen any other comparable turquoise bags.  I would say the Turquoise was a little bit darker/greener than I expected, but I have been really happy with it.  The front has a magnetic buckle which is not extremely strong, but does the job to stay closed when you leave the top zipper open.  Also, the bag stands on it's own which is wonderful.  You can tell it's well built in that sense.  There is also an extra strap included, which I anticipate using when I bring this to the next wedding I shoot.  It is light enough to use as a larger purse, but I wouldn't want it to be on my shoulder all day (i.e. walking 10 miles around Paris).  I would say it is extremely useful to use as a daily bag if you won't be on your feet too much.

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{What Fits?} The  B-Hobo has 4 sections for camera equipment, and one section for an Ipad or Tablet.  There are technically 3 dividers which can be easily moved with the built in Velcro system.  I love the purple inside!  You can comfortably fit around 2 lenses (the 70-200 mm is a little tight bit still fits), a flash or water bottle, and your camera body and lens (small lens like a 50 mm).  I don't think there is enough room to fit your battery grip with this particular layout, but if you removed a section I believe you could.  The tablet section is pretty small, meaning there is no way you would get a laptop in there and it was definitely built for tablets.  Overall, if you were shooting a wedding without any external equipment, I think it would do fine if you're not a crazy lens changer.  I stick to the 50 mm prime for most of the day, and use my 70-200 for the ceremony and some portraits, and then take out the Macro and Wide Angle for very few photos.  I would probably switch out the telephoto for the Macro after the ceremony to make everything fit.

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{The Pockets} Excuse the dog hair in the pictures; life of living with a Lab! The bag has a good number of pockets.  You can fit credit cards, memory cards, ChapStick, business cards, and few more smaller items.  I wish the bag had the card wallet pouch that some of the other Kelly Moore bags have because sometimes it feels like you're fishing for memory cards, but if you keep them in one go-to pocket it seems to work fine.  The pockets don't have a ton of room to put any large items in, but it forces you to pack light which is essential for when you're on the go.  I do wish there was a tiny bit more room though because it does kind of feel like I have to squeeze my hand in to get out what I need at times. There is also an extra cell phone pocket on the side, which works well if you have a small cell phone case on.  It is a snug fit, but gets the job done. You could also fit granola bars and some other small snacks in the pocket.

{Conclusion} The bag is overall great.  It does exactly what it is supposed to do, and is not too big and not too small. You can fit pretty much all the camera equipment you need in it for a simple shoot and/or would be a great primary bag for use on a wedding day.  I want more of Kelly's bags, including the Songbird and Libby.  Maybe sometime in the future :).