Fall 2016 & Fishing with the Meiers // Fort Collins Family Photographer

As Fall is coming to a start, we are just so thankful for these beautiful days. We went to the Riverbend Ponds to do a little fishing and leaf scouting. Being a photographer my weekends are often filled with sessions or weddings in the Fall, so it's so nice to get out and enjoy the day with our little one. Number two is arriving soon, so we won't have much more time with Eleanor before she's a big sister and our family dynamic is completely changed. Her spunkiness is contagious, and her strong will has her wanting to do everything mommy and daddy do. She basically ran into the river to chase Adam, and didn't want to get out even though she was covered in mud and water. Here's to capturing family photos, whether they're perfect or not :). I apologize in advance for posting so many. When it's your own kiddo they are just really cute and you can't decide what to post or not post. This is real life. <3 <3 <3