Happy National Siblings Day // Meet the Zenzen Kids // Family Photo Re-Enactments

In a time far, far away (aka the throwback 90s'), the Zenzen children were living the daily childhood dream. Slurpees at 7-11, the Holiday Twin Drive-In, trips to the park, Bauder Elementary School and Panhandler's pizza pretty much sum up their childhood. One of their favorite memories was their "little lamb" church performance, which provided the inspiration to re-live their childhood in the below pictures.  So on they went to purchase white sweatsuits, which to their dismay was impossible! Who knew that people didn't wear white sweatsuits anymore? Could that much change in 20 years? So they settled for some gray with a little bit of photoshop magic and went on to re-live their childhood, even in front of their childhood home. 

The real reason they did these was to surprise their mother for Christmas. You see, their mother, Mama Lamb, had been pestering them about taking photos for her large empty frames in the living room. These frames have been empty for probably 5+ years (one of them did have a sticky note with a smiley face on it though). Anybody who has been to the Zenzen house had noticed these frames and always made comments about why they were empty. 

So on Christmas Day, one of the lambs distracted the parent lambs, and the two other lambs went and filled the picture frames with some of the individual shots you see below. All day, they waited for Mama Lamb to notice that her treasured frames had finally been filled. They sat right in front of the frames and did everything they could to get Mama Lamb to notice. Low and behold, Mama Lamb finally noticed! Her response, "These are perfect. These are my kids." Why yes, these are your kids, and we are ridiculous. 

Happy National Siblings Day to All, and to All a Good Night!