Adi's Senior Session // Poudre High School // Northern Colorado Senior Photographer

Full Name: Adi Sadeh

Instagram Profile Username: adi_sadeh

High School: Poudre High School

What do you want to be when you're older?: When I am older I want to work for Non-profit organizations and be in the peace corps. I am very passionate about service work and traveling!! I want to major in environmental studies as well.

What are your passions, hobbies, etc.?: I love snowboarding, running, climbing, yoga, and basically anything outdoors. I also really love photography and traveling . I am very passionate about service and I am really involved with leadership.

Favorite Ice Cream?: Chunky Monkey Ben and Jerry's (Vegan Version)

If you could go on any adventure right now, what and where would it be?: If I could go on any adventure right now I would probably go to Nepal, stay in a hostel, do service for those in need, and trek and snowboard in the Himalayas. From there I would go to Bali and surf and have fun adventures on the beach while staying in a bungalow and doing yoga. Then I would go to a crazy music festival in Spain or Argentina (If I go to Argentina then I have to go to Patagonia) to learn Spanish and because I am obsessed with all music, I am very into going to concerts and festivals. I would just want to experience different cultures and do things out of my comfort zone.

Hair: Beauty By Brianna Joy at Bask Salon
Makeup: Dotted With Hearts