Fall 2017 With The Meiers // Pumpkin Patch + Halloween // Fort Collins Family Photographer

Every few months I try and blog about my own family because 1. It forces me to take pictures and document, 2. This time is so precious and 3. This is how I like to shoot and is also similar to how I would document your family :). Fall in Fort Collins is the best -- and every year I am so thankful for the beautiful weather and fun activities we have the option of doing. 

This Fall was extremely busy for me as it is every year. It's such a sought after season and for good reason (maybe I should make a little song about this??). But really, September and October are filled with so many fun shoots from seniors to families to newborns. I love the warm tones and the colorful surroundings on top of the super fun activities, all picture perfect. So how did we spend our Fall you may ask? Well this year I didn't get to do much locally because I was so busy, but we did make it to the pumpkin patch, get outside for some trick or treating and I snuck in a 10 day trip to Germany with my 11 month old. That's probably why we didn't do as much as we normally do :). Every year is a little bit different but it's so fun that being a parent opens you up to so many new activities. 

Little E was sick on Halloween day. She was running a fever so we missed out on a party, but she rallied for a quick evening trick or treat session so she didn't completely miss out. I was thankful she didn't share her new learned phrase when she was ringing doorbells (i.e. "Trick or treat, smell my feet..."). She picked out her Belle dress from Beauty and The Beast a few days earlier; it was a must-have. Junebug also got to celebrate her very first Halloween as a little lamb (a repeat costume from Little E because mama didn't have time to be very creative this year). It was still a great day though. 

All of these photos are just some quick snaps. My 3 year old will not smile at the camera or even look at me when I actually ask her to -- the "threenager" is strong in that one. Junie tries, but is normally occupied by her sister smothering her with love. Totally our life with this rad little family. 

Enjoy our quick little Fall adventures :). 

Oh, and let's not forget that Eleanor HATES pants right now -- so she always rolls them up so she can wear "shorts." 

Pumpkin Patch: The Bartels Farm


Happy 4th of July From The Meier Girls // Fort Collins Family Photogapher

Happy 4th of July from the Meier girls! Freedom is why we are celebrating today. So wear your red, white and blue and don't forget to say thank you to all of those who have sacrificed for our country. 

<3 Ashley

Baby June Is One Month Old + This Is Our Life // Fort Collins Baby Photographer

Welcome to 2017! I have so much to blog from this summer and fall, but we have been a little bit busy as of late. In December, we welcomed our 2nd daughter to the world. June Dorothy has captured our hearts and our sleep since then :). I have been a little MIA this winter because I was waiting for this wonderful gift of a baby and relishing those first moments with her without worrying too much about my business. It was also a special time to spend with our oldest and focus on family and the holidays. I am ready to get ramped up though and have SOOOO much to share from this past year, so be on the lookout very soon because we had a super busy 2016.

I always try to capture pictures of my family every 1-2 months. Small outings, in the house, and more. It doesn't have to be picture perfect to capture, but somehow it comes out that way because THIS IS US. The point is, I LOVE lifestyle sessions and the documentary style. I like to shoot my own family this way so I can show you what we can capture with yours (plus I want to make sure I have enough photos of my kids). To tell you the truth, I had this great idea in my head for taking photos of the girls in our room. But, this ended up being a rushed 10 minute session where Eleanor wasn't really into it, June was fussy and I was just tired and impatient. I thought to myself, there is no way these photos turned out. Low and behold though, I opened them up, edited them and now they tell a beautiful story even though it didn't feel so beautiful in the moment. Getting pictures of your family taken is hard, and the sessions don't usually go as expected with young kids. However, something better happens -- your REAL LIFE is captured, and someday you're going to miss that toddler sass, baby cries and tired mornings -- Cheers to 2017!

<3 Ashley

P.S. Loving our Dockatot!!! We never thought we would co-sleep but that thing is amazing and has saved our sanity :). 

Fall 2016 & Fishing with the Meiers // Fort Collins Family Photographer

As Fall is coming to a start, we are just so thankful for these beautiful days. We went to the Riverbend Ponds to do a little fishing and leaf scouting. Being a photographer my weekends are often filled with sessions or weddings in the Fall, so it's so nice to get out and enjoy the day with our little one. Number two is arriving soon, so we won't have much more time with Eleanor before she's a big sister and our family dynamic is completely changed. Her spunkiness is contagious, and her strong will has her wanting to do everything mommy and daddy do. She basically ran into the river to chase Adam, and didn't want to get out even though she was covered in mud and water. Here's to capturing family photos, whether they're perfect or not :). I apologize in advance for posting so many. When it's your own kiddo they are just really cute and you can't decide what to post or not post. This is real life. <3 <3 <3

Happy National Siblings Day // Meet the Zenzen Kids // Family Photo Re-Enactments

In a time far, far away (aka the throwback 90s'), the Zenzen children were living the daily childhood dream. Slurpees at 7-11, the Holiday Twin Drive-In, trips to the park, Bauder Elementary School and Panhandler's pizza pretty much sum up their childhood. One of their favorite memories was their "little lamb" church performance, which provided the inspiration to re-live their childhood in the below pictures.  So on they went to purchase white sweatsuits, which to their dismay was impossible! Who knew that people didn't wear white sweatsuits anymore? Could that much change in 20 years? So they settled for some gray with a little bit of photoshop magic and went on to re-live their childhood, even in front of their childhood home. 

The real reason they did these was to surprise their mother for Christmas. You see, their mother, Mama Lamb, had been pestering them about taking photos for her large empty frames in the living room. These frames have been empty for probably 5+ years (one of them did have a sticky note with a smiley face on it though). Anybody who has been to the Zenzen house had noticed these frames and always made comments about why they were empty. 

So on Christmas Day, one of the lambs distracted the parent lambs, and the two other lambs went and filled the picture frames with some of the individual shots you see below. All day, they waited for Mama Lamb to notice that her treasured frames had finally been filled. They sat right in front of the frames and did everything they could to get Mama Lamb to notice. Low and behold, Mama Lamb finally noticed! Her response, "These are perfect. These are my kids." Why yes, these are your kids, and we are ridiculous. 

Happy National Siblings Day to All, and to All a Good Night!

I Will Sled, Even When I can't Buy One Anywhere in Fort Collins // Colorado Family Photographer

After the snowpocalypse this year, we have been left with a ton of leftover snow that just doesn't seem to melt. It's like Colorado is hanging onto every last ounce of moisture it can get it's hands on. In the meantime, the residents are suffering with snow and ice that won't leave their streets or back decks. At least we are :). To make the best out of this snow that won't leave, I figured we would go on a little sledding adventure as a family. Keep in mind Eleanor is only 17 months, so nothing too intense here. I was SO excited, until I searched 5 different stores in Fort Collins and for the life of me could not find a sled. Seriously though, this is freaking Colorado. How do you sell out of sleds?! Especially after we have had snow for weeks! We are failing as a town and state. 

To make the dreary situation better, we made our own sled. It's a little hillbilly, but totally functional for our baby girl! The side walls kept her in, she didn't go too fast and it was easy to pull. For all you DIY people out there, DIY sleds are what the cool crowds are making these days. It even lasted the whole ride! Enjoy our silly family outing, and excuse our bad sense of style. I guess this is just who we are :).