Audra & Cory // Breckenridge Pregnancy Announcement // Fort Collins Family Photographer

I am so excited that I can finally announce to this to the world -- but Audra and Cory ARE PREGNANT!! I was so elated that I got to shoot some of their pregnancy announcement photos on this beautiful and snow-filled Breckenridge day. Audra and Cory are good friends of mine, and I have been dying for some of our friends to get pregnant so they can join the family club with us. Life is so different when you have kiddos around, and you want your friends to share in that joy (and responsibility, haha)! Anyway, this was a big deal. Audra is such a little fashionista, so I couldn't have loved her outfit selections more. She even had Petal & Bean make her the most adorable flower crown. And I LOVE flower crowns if you didn't already know. The little hippie in me couldn't get enough of these awesome photos. 

Congratulations Audra and Cory! I'm so blessed to call you guys my friends, and I am so excited for this next little adventure of yours. Welcome to the Mom Club!

<3 Ashley

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I Will Sled, Even When I can't Buy One Anywhere in Fort Collins // Colorado Family Photographer

After the snowpocalypse this year, we have been left with a ton of leftover snow that just doesn't seem to melt. It's like Colorado is hanging onto every last ounce of moisture it can get it's hands on. In the meantime, the residents are suffering with snow and ice that won't leave their streets or back decks. At least we are :). To make the best out of this snow that won't leave, I figured we would go on a little sledding adventure as a family. Keep in mind Eleanor is only 17 months, so nothing too intense here. I was SO excited, until I searched 5 different stores in Fort Collins and for the life of me could not find a sled. Seriously though, this is freaking Colorado. How do you sell out of sleds?! Especially after we have had snow for weeks! We are failing as a town and state. 

To make the dreary situation better, we made our own sled. It's a little hillbilly, but totally functional for our baby girl! The side walls kept her in, she didn't go too fast and it was easy to pull. For all you DIY people out there, DIY sleds are what the cool crowds are making these days. It even lasted the whole ride! Enjoy our silly family outing, and excuse our bad sense of style. I guess this is just who we are :). 

A little change is happening // Ash Meier, Colorado Wedding Photographer

Hello There!

It has been a super busy Fall so far. I have an exciting announcement though; something I have been working on for weeks. After some strong deliberation, I have decided to split my photography brands! Yes, BlueHaus Studios is still there, working as hard as ever to shoot amazing portraits. But, BlueHaus will primarily be focusing on family and portrait photography! The big change is, I have a created a completely different wedding brand so I can customize the wedding experience a little bit more for my awesome brides. Read more about the destination and Colorado Wedding Photography switch here. 

Danielle & Kyle | YMCA of the Rockies Wedding | Overlook Chapel, Estes Park | Colorado Wedding Photographer

It was beautiful day at the YMCA of the Rockies with Danielle and Kyle. The skies were blue, the trees were lush and this couple could not get enough of one another. Danielle and Kyle currently live in Alabama, where Kyle is attending medical school. They LOVE Colorado with a passion though, and visit every chance they get. Danielle had planned for months to make her wedding truly unique and special. She had her mother's wedding dress altered into the beautiful wedding gown you see below, and even wore her grandmother's vintage party dress for part of the reception. Her details and attention to detail were immaculate and beautiful. The colors were extremely natural, focusing on the whites, pinks/blush, browns and neutral greens to bring a cohesiveness between the wedding decor and the already breathtaking mountain wonderland. I would say it was definitely achieved! Throughout the day you could just tell how loved they were by their friends and family. Everyone was so excited for them which is just the perfect way to begin a new marriage. That excitement lasted well into the night as the dance party and hulk props made their way into the scene. Thank you Kyle and Danielle for being wonderful clients! I truly wish you the best on this grand and great new adventure they call marriage. 

<3 Ashley

Ceremony Venue: The Emerald Mountain Overlook Chapel at the YMCA of the Rockies

Reception Venue: The Historic Pine Room at the YMCA of the Rockies

Cake Baker (Company & Email): Estes Park Pie Shop and Bakery

Dress Maker: Mother's dres

Hair & Makeup: Hair and Makeup in Motion 

DJ: Complete Music 

Coordinator/Wedding Planner: Jessica Weimer, A Swank Soiree 

Florist: Jill Lievense, Maid of Honor

Caterer: YMCA

Photographers: Tori Aaker, Kim Klein

Jenna & Enich | YMCA of the Rockies Wedding | Estes Park, CO | Colorado Wedding Photographer

Can I just start out by saying that I love the beauty involved with mountain weddings? It seriously just doesn't get any better than this. Jenna chose such beautiful vibrant colors that completely complimented the bluebird day. The pinks, oranges and purples....Maybe I am just biased because I go crazy about color, but seriously, I think I just want to eat her bouquet. The details were incredible once again, and she stuck with an arrow theme. The day was beautiful, not too hot and not too cold. Jenna anticipated her first look with Enich, and it was such a blessing to see such an emotional moment between the two with the Rocky Mountains glimmering in the background. Their laid back YMCA wedding was such a treat to be a part of, and I absolutely loved getting to know Jenna over the last year :).

<3 Ashley

Ceremony Venue: Sara Smith Outdoor Chapel, YMCA of the Rockies

Reception Venue: Upper Cookout Pavillion

Cake Baker: Meghan Owens (Friend)

Dress Maker: Allure

Bridesmaids Dresses: David's Bridal

lorist: Best Day Floral 

2nd Shooter: Kim Klein

Colorado Wedding Photographer, Colorado Wedding Photographer, Estes Park Wedding Photographer

Chelsey & Robert Mountain Snowflake Winter Wedding | Wild Basin Lodge | Estes Park Wedding Photographer | Allenspark, CO

Today I'm blogging a winter wedding in the middle of July because it FEELS like winter here in Colorado. I had an awesome New Year's day with Chelsey and Robert. We had the perfect amount of sun, snow and smiles. The couple actually lives in Texas (they're real Aggies), and came to Colorado to have the perfect mountain winter wonderland wedding, and I would say that they accomplished it! I loved Chelsey's dress and snowflake theme....and I even loved her Uggs. If you don't live in Colorado you might not understand how amazing Uggs are, but they are my absolute favorite in the winter time because you feel like your walking on warm clouds all day. Anyway, I know this is months late, but congrats Chelsey and Robert! I am so happy for you two.

<3 Ashley