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Starting a Business..1st Official Post!

6 Reason to Start a Business

Hi!  My name is Ashley, and I am the owner-operator of BlueHaus Studios LLC.  I thought this first post would give me a unique opportunity to talk about why I decided to take the leap and start my own business.  It is quite the risky venture, and I am excited (and terrified) to grow as a business and continue learning as life continues to move me in this direction.  I wouldn't say this was the timing I would have expected, but for some reason here I am today. {9 to 5's} For starters, I don't think I was made to survive in the corporate world.  I work extremely hard at whatever I put my mind to, and I think I have too many questions for the general normalities of working a typical 9-5.  Don't get me wrong, there are several benefits to working for someone else and being able to have a steady paycheck, but for the non-conformist that I am, I don't think it ever would have really been the best fit for me.  I like being able to create and make decisions without feeling held back.  I am slightly impulsive, which can be a both a good and bad quality.

{Baby, I'm a Dreamer} I am an extreme visionary.  I like to look at the big picture of things and dream about how to make things  better.  I have hope and believe in doing the right thing above all else, which does not fit well in environments where you are not allowed to be a free-thinker.  I want to make the world a better place, and be successful in the process.  Life isn't supposed to be mundane!  We were all made to fulfill a purpose, and for some reason I think part of mine is to chart my own path.  Nothing else provides as much fulfillment for me personally.

{Melting Clocks} If you have ever seen Salvador Dali's artwork, you would most likely recognize his "Persistence of Memory" piece (better known as the melting clocks).  One of the meanings behind the piece is that time is somehow melting.  When I think of this, I think about all that I want to accomplish and how, every year, time seems to disappear more quickly than I could ever realize.  What better time to start a business knowing I might not always have the time, energy, or drive to do so.

{Stand by Me} Starting a business is not just the business owners endeavor.  Family and friends also play a huge role in the success because they are ultimately your main supporters for awhile.  I was very surprised at the responses I received when contemplating the idea.  I thought my family was going to think I was crazy.  I mean, I finished an MBA program two years ago, and now I want to work for myself?  Even crazier, my husband was okay with it.  I think you know the timing is right when you receive encouraging feedback from the people you know are not afraid to be real with you.  I would say I was more hesitant than them!

{Cannonball} For some reason, I like taking risks.  I know it's a risk I should probably take if I am nervous about taking it.  There are so many things that make you question yourself and your ability to succeed.  I had a realization that I am the only one standing in the way of how successful I want to be.  This is America, and entrepreneurs are the life-blood of this country.  I know I cannot control everything around me, however, I greatly influence what direction I want my life to go in.  You can't put your pinky toe in the baby pool and expect for things to work.  You have to be ready to take a giant cannonball leap into the deep end.  It's all in or all out.  That includes making somewhat of an investment into your company.  I am not saying a giant investment by any means, but it does take money to make money.

{Pluck} Preparation + Luck. You can't go into a business having no skills or knowledge about what you are doing.   I have been diligently working on photography/event/consulting skills throughout my lifetime, and more so over the last six years.  Ultimately, my background is in business, and the most important thing in creative industries is having business knowledge.  Many artists fail because they only focus on the creative and neglect the heart of what a business is...a business.  I am not saying someone who lacks all creativity in a creative industry is destined to succeed, but the craft can be learned.  Everyone has to put in their time though.

This is by no means a comprehensive list of why I started BHS, but it should give you some insight into where I am at today.  It is a scary thing, and after talking to several entrepreneurs, most of them were not 100% confident that they were going to succeed.  In fact, the general consensus shows that hesitation and not knowing exactly what you are doing is how most people start out.  Some flounder, some fly; but they all take a leap of faith.  I am excited to start this journey with you, and hopefully we can all look back at this post one day and be in awe that I beat the small business odds.