Get Busy Livin' Foundation: Have a GRATEFUL Day!

At the end of April, in rain or shine, I was lucky enough to shoot the runners portion of the 3rd Annual Dylan Meier Foundation Get Busy Livin' 5k Run.  Dylan Meier was my husbands younger brother, and he passed away in a tragic hiking accident a little over 3 years ago leaving a huge hole in my husbands family.  I sadly never got to meet Dylan because I met my husband shortly after the accident, but I have heard several incredible things about him.  He was a head quarterback at K-State, played professional Football in Germany and Italy, traveled the world (including New Zealand), was a colorful and descriptive writer, and was a leader and encourager to everyone he came into contact with.  Dylan, was a very special person, and it greatly saddens me that I will never know him or know that part of my husbands family or life. I can't imagine experiencing the loss they have suffered and am amazed at how strong and supportive they have been for each other.  I am lucky, however, that Dylan's legacy lives on through the foundation, and through that I do feel like I know Dylan in ways. The Get busy Livin' Foundation was started by a few of Dylan's friends shortly after his death.  They have worked tremendously hard to ensure that the foundation honors and supports those who exhibit Dylan's most loved qualities: adventure, fitness, curiosity, generosity and a daily zest for life experiences. Through the foundation, student scholarships have been created, Soles for Souls has received a TON of donated shoes, and individuals are encouraged to travel and live life to the fullest regardless of social, economical or imaginary obstacles. Dylan may be gone, but his memory is is alive and thriving.  It is a reminder that tomorrow could be your last, you shouldn't put off doing the things you love, you never know who your kindness affects, and we must always be grateful for the gifts we have been given in life.  Have a GRATEFUL Day!