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Help Akinz Keep Their Beanies Handmade: Support A Local Fort Collins Small Business!


Suzanne Akin is the owner/founder of Akinz, a board/bike inspired clothing company located in Fort Collins, CO (where I live!). I met Suzanne about 4 years ago and it has been awesome to see how Akinz has grown over time. One of the most unique aspects of Akinz is that many of her products are handmade, most recognizabley her beanies. Suzanne also does most of her screen printing in house, which makes for a very unique twist given most clothing companies these days outsource their labor and products. Suzanne has brought DIY into the corporate retail world, and she needs your help to stay that way. The below video is for a kickstart campaign that will hopefully raise enough money  and awareness so Suzanne can keep her beanie making in house, and purchase a commercial size beanie loom as well as bulk yarn. If you can't donate financially, please help spread awareness. Post on your blog, Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest...anything helps :). I guarantee you will ABSOLUTELY love her products, and if you're lucky enough to come see her store in Old Town Fort Collins, you will be amazed at what she does and how cohesive and unique her style is. Stay Local Fort Collins!

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