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Meet Baby Carson // Fort Collins Newborn Photographer // Fort Collins Photographer

I am so pleased to share these photos of Baby Carson!! I have known this family for several years now, and did photos of their oldest. It is so fun to see how quickly my client's families grow. I love having siblings involved in the newborn shoots and really just capturing the reality of this new and crazy life with two kiddos. 

Carson is seriously just perfect. He has the cutest little smile and you can tell he already looks up to his big brother, Lucas. You can see it in his eyes -- it reminds me of my two kids and their sibling bond. Lucas decided he wanted to be a baby too for part of the shoot, so we had to swaddle him. He had a blast jumping around while Carson just hung out as amused as ever. 

There is always so much to say about how blessed I am to be a Northern Colorado & Fort Collins Photographer, but seriously seeing these families during these exciting times just always makes me smile <3. Congratulations Tyler, Lauren and Lucas on your growing family!

P.S. If you need an electrician, Tyler, at Heggie Electric is awesome :). 

Looking for a Loveland or Fort Collins Photographer? We would love to work with you! Our season is filling extremely fast and spots are already starting to become limited for the summer and fall 2018 season. Fill out our contact form to get on our calendar asap! 

Back To School Senior Shoot // Time Travel Is Real // Fort Collins Senior Photos

Don't you wish you could time travel? Well I'm here to tell you, you can! As everyone has been gearing up to go back to school over the last few weeks, it brings back so many memories and childhood joys. If you have a high school student or are a high school student, I bet you can remember recess, playing hopscotch, swinging on the swings and so much more. It's not all lost yet though -- you can still take a stroll down memory lane! 

You guys, THIS IS WHY PHOTOS ARE IMPORTANT!! The days may be slow but the years are quick. You never want to regret not taking that photo -- or worse, not printing that photo only to be lost on your phone or on the non-existent CD that has corrupted. Do you memories justice and hire an awesome photographer like me ;). 

So now that we are in the busy Fall season....try to remember to:

1. Take that photo, even when it's a pain. 

2. Print that photo, and better yet, hire a photographer who will truly create heirlooms for you. 

3. Have fun, know this busy season will pass all too fast and more sleep is on the way. You will be another year older, wiser and more experienced without even feeling how quickly it will go.  

4. Pumpkin Spice everything.

5. Get ready for Christmas carols. 

I'm out you guys -- Have a wonderful week!

<3 Ashley

Fall 2016 & Fishing with the Meiers // Fort Collins Family Photographer

As Fall is coming to a start, we are just so thankful for these beautiful days. We went to the Riverbend Ponds to do a little fishing and leaf scouting. Being a photographer my weekends are often filled with sessions or weddings in the Fall, so it's so nice to get out and enjoy the day with our little one. Number two is arriving soon, so we won't have much more time with Eleanor before she's a big sister and our family dynamic is completely changed. Her spunkiness is contagious, and her strong will has her wanting to do everything mommy and daddy do. She basically ran into the river to chase Adam, and didn't want to get out even though she was covered in mud and water. Here's to capturing family photos, whether they're perfect or not :). I apologize in advance for posting so many. When it's your own kiddo they are just really cute and you can't decide what to post or not post. This is real life. <3 <3 <3

Katie + Jonny // Baby June Maternity Session at Reservoir Ridge // Fort Collins Maternity Photographer

I was so excited when Katie contacted me about doing maternity photos for her. She is a graphic designer and very artistic, and had so many nice things to say about my pictures. I truly love it when people choose me to be their photographer because they are in love with my work and my style. Katie was one of those clients. She had a great vision for the shoot which included bringing in their restored Ford Truck which is seriously like my favorite color in the whole world. The shoot was definitely unique. I loved Katie's tattoos and the colors they brought out in the pictures on the chilly evening that we did the shoot. Congratulations on Baby June!! I can't believe she is already over a year old. 

Meet The 2017 BlueHaus Senior Rep Team // Fort Collins Senior Photography, Northern Colorado Senior Portraits

It's that time of year again with graduation just around the corner. With that in mind, I am excited to officially present our 2017 BlueHaus Senior Rep Team. Welcome Maddie, Josie, Anika and Melissa! These girls are pretty awesome. 

For our first team shoot, we decided on "Bohemian Glamping."  The concept shoots are super fun because they allow us to get super creative, and shoot a little bit differently than we do with our traditional senior shoots. Plus, they're a good excuse to eat smores, hangout and just have fun. 

As we enter into this exciting season, we will be offering 10 senior shoots at a $100 pre-booking discounted price through May 15th, 2016 (valid for shoots scheduled before August 31st, 2016). Contact us ASAP for details and to reserve your spot. 

I Will Sled, Even When I can't Buy One Anywhere in Fort Collins // Colorado Family Photographer

After the snowpocalypse this year, we have been left with a ton of leftover snow that just doesn't seem to melt. It's like Colorado is hanging onto every last ounce of moisture it can get it's hands on. In the meantime, the residents are suffering with snow and ice that won't leave their streets or back decks. At least we are :). To make the best out of this snow that won't leave, I figured we would go on a little sledding adventure as a family. Keep in mind Eleanor is only 17 months, so nothing too intense here. I was SO excited, until I searched 5 different stores in Fort Collins and for the life of me could not find a sled. Seriously though, this is freaking Colorado. How do you sell out of sleds?! Especially after we have had snow for weeks! We are failing as a town and state. 

To make the dreary situation better, we made our own sled. It's a little hillbilly, but totally functional for our baby girl! The side walls kept her in, she didn't go too fast and it was easy to pull. For all you DIY people out there, DIY sleds are what the cool crowds are making these days. It even lasted the whole ride! Enjoy our silly family outing, and excuse our bad sense of style. I guess this is just who we are :).