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Choosing the Perfect Wedding Photographer {Guest Blogger from the UK}

I want to introduce an article written by our guest blogger, Jonathan Griffiths. He is a photographer and blogger from the UK, and offers a great perspective on choosing the right wedding photographer. There may be some differences here in states, but the fundamentals are definitely the same. Enjoy!-Ashley

You decide you want a photographer at your wedding to picture every moment that will last for the rest of your life. You want them to be perfect, but you also want every key detail to be frozen in time so you can look back on. Choosing a photographer isn’t easy and should be high on the to-do list. You will want to look stunning 50 years from now and a professional photographer can do just that!

Style of Photographer

You wouldn’t want plain old boring black and white photos would you? There are many styles to consider when choosing the one for you. Some may go for the traditional style or reportage style. The most popular modern choice is the reportage approach, this style allows the photographer the freedom to take photos of guests without them knowing, giving the images a natural but professional appeal. Research is needed for this but you will already have an idea as to what you want for your wedding day.

What equipment they have!

Photographers either use digital or film, both produce spectacular high quality images but differ when manipulating them. Most people agree that film produces better quality images when enlarged, but digital are easier to manipulate by adding effects or altering different aspects. It’s also important to see if they will have an assistant attend with them for the wedding. This is very important in case anything goes wrong, remember to check if an assistant comes with the package the photographer offers. Normally expensive wedding packages will state they will have an assistant with them at all times. If they use their i-phones to take pictures and then edit with an app, surely these are the ones to avoid?...

Compare prices:

Professional wedding photographers aren’t going to be cheap if you want quality photos, but also the rights to own them. You will need to consider how long you want them there for, how many photos you want to keep after the wedding and if you want a pretty photo album to keep them in or not. For high quality professionals with all the perks, expect to pay around 2-3k, lower end photographers cost around £500 up to around 1.5k.  Most photography sites offer different packages for different people, cheaper prices will give you the least amount of photographs and a smaller amount of coverage hours by the photographer.

Booking early!

Booking your chosen photographer is key, as they may already have a lot of bookings and the date you chose may already be taken. Make sure you first find out if they are free on whichever day you are getting married and the rest will fall into place. It helps to build up a list of your favourite photographers to fall back on if your top option is busy for when you need them for.

Hopefully these four tips help take the stress out of planning a wedding (which probably isn’t possible). Helping you choose carefully and not fall into a trap you can’t reverse. Remember its probably going to be a once in a lifetime day, so remember every detail with the best photographers out there!

Written by Jonathan Griffiths, Photographer and blogger based in Buckinghamshire UK.