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Cassidy's Senior Session // Loveland Urban Senior Photography // Mountain View High School Senior Photographer

I loved shooting Cassidy's senior pictures this year. This girl is full of smiles, spunk and a little bit of spice. Her session was pretty rad -- she nailed the styling and her hat gave her photos so much character. Thank you Dotted With Hearts for the beautiful makeup, and Beauty By Brianna Joy at Bask Salon for the fishtail braid. 

Read a little bit about her below:

High School: Mountain View High School

What do you want to be when you're older?: Cosmetologist

What are your passions, hobbies, etc.?: Makeup, animals, and hanging out with friends.

Favorite Ice Cream?: Mint Chocolate Chip

If you could go on any adventure right now, what and where would it be?: New York, I've been there once before and it was my favorite thing EVER.

Follow Cassidy On Instagram: Cassidykerns

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Urban 2018 Northern Colorado Senior Photography Rep Shoot // Check Out Our Senior Rep Team

As the summer is fast approaching, I am so EXCITED to share these photos from our first official senior rep shoot. Because Colorado is such a beautiful place, I rarely work inside but was super stoked to photograph our senior team together in Downtown Fort Collins where we got to get the rustic Old Town loft feel into the senior photos. I will also say I think this shoot was a little reminiscent of some 1990s' sitcom (aka FRIENDS). The drama, the fashion -- I was just loving what it evolved into. 

We were originally supposed to shoot outside but the weather was awful this day, so we booked the loft last minute and it is something that I absolutely do not regret. The lighting shining through the windows is to die for, and the girls did such a great job at just being in the moment for the photos. SOOOOO if you are wanting to do something urban, just know because we have some fun indoor options. 

Love my team this year and can't wait to spend more time with them during the summer and fall. We have another group shoot coming up with a super fun summer theme, and individual sessions for these ladies. You girls are rad! #bluehausseniors

Adi - Poudre High School
Chloe - Windsor High School
Taeya - Windsor High School
Kira - Loveland High School
Cassidy - Mountain View High School
Jen - Fort Collins High School
Amy - Rocky Mountain High School
Callin - Rocky Mountain High School
Elsa - Poudre High School


Natalya's Senior Rep Shoot | Rocky Mountain High School | Class of 2016 | Senior Photographer Fort Collins

Name: Natalya
School: Rocky Mountain High School

What are your extra-curricular activities?: I auditioned and got into CMEA and All State choir this year as well as the musical for next year. I'm in a volunteering club (Key Club) which helps out with events in the community, and National Honor Society.

Favorite ice cream flavor or other sweets?: I love Cinnabun Ben and Jerry's I've cream! It's a major comfort food for me. I also love Ferrero Rocher's! If I'm ever mad, people just get me some, and all is forgiven haha.

What are your dreams, aspirations, and life goals?: My main goal in life is to be happy. I also love helping others, I'm considering a field in it for my future profession. I have a major bucket list of things I would like to accomplish in my life like skydiving or swimming with sharks (I'm a thrill seeker) but traveling is my absolute passion.

If you could travel anywhere, where would it be and why?: It is actually my life goal to travel to one country in every continent, and work my way around the world. I would probably love to start in Berlin, Germany though because my mother was born there and I have a very personal connection to it.

Angelina's Senior Rep Shoot | Fossil Ridge High School | Class of 2016 | Fort Collins Senior Photographers

Name: Angelina
High School: Fossil Ridge High School

What are your extra-curricular activities: I am currently is cosmetology school because it's a huge passion of mine to work in beauty industry when I graduate.

Favorite ice cream flavor or other sweets?: Vanilla is my favorite!!

What are your dreams, aspirations, and life goals?: I want to one day work in a high end salon or hopefully own one of my own!

If you could travel anywhere, where would it be and why?: I would travel to France because it seems like a beautiful place and I would love to tour there and see their fashion.

Camryn's Senior Rep Shoot | Fort Collins High School | Class of 2016 | Fort Collins Senior Photographer

Name: Camryn
High School: Fort Collins High School

What are your extra-curricular activities: I am a varsity tennis player for my school, play in both the band and orchestra and I am a member in both Tri-M (a music honor society) and the Bioscience Career Academy (an academy for motivated students wanting to have a career in the biosciences).

Favorite ice cream flavor or other sweets?: My favorite ice cream flavor would have to be cake batter or a very good chocolate (I'm sorta a chocoholic).

What are you dreams, aspirations, and life goals?: I wish to be a molecular biologist and work on cures for diseases like Parkinson's, Alzheimer's and Huntington's. I also wish to someday travel the world and/or go on another educational service trip to a foreign country (I went on one to Costa Rica in eighth grade).

If you could travel anywhere, where would it be and why?: This is a very difficult question. I would want to go all over the world, but if I had to pick ONE place I would want to go to Spain. I would pick Spain because I'm taking Spanish in high school and I think it would be really cool to immerse myself in the culture and really learn and speak the language. I also like Spanish music and culture.