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Baby June Is One Month Old + This Is Our Life // Fort Collins Baby Photographer

Welcome to 2017! I have so much to blog from this summer and fall, but we have been a little bit busy as of late. In December, we welcomed our 2nd daughter to the world. June Dorothy has captured our hearts and our sleep since then :). I have been a little MIA this winter because I was waiting for this wonderful gift of a baby and relishing those first moments with her without worrying too much about my business. It was also a special time to spend with our oldest and focus on family and the holidays. I am ready to get ramped up though and have SOOOO much to share from this past year, so be on the lookout very soon because we had a super busy 2016.

I always try to capture pictures of my family every 1-2 months. Small outings, in the house, and more. It doesn't have to be picture perfect to capture, but somehow it comes out that way because THIS IS US. The point is, I LOVE lifestyle sessions and the documentary style. I like to shoot my own family this way so I can show you what we can capture with yours (plus I want to make sure I have enough photos of my kids). To tell you the truth, I had this great idea in my head for taking photos of the girls in our room. But, this ended up being a rushed 10 minute session where Eleanor wasn't really into it, June was fussy and I was just tired and impatient. I thought to myself, there is no way these photos turned out. Low and behold though, I opened them up, edited them and now they tell a beautiful story even though it didn't feel so beautiful in the moment. Getting pictures of your family taken is hard, and the sessions don't usually go as expected with young kids. However, something better happens -- your REAL LIFE is captured, and someday you're going to miss that toddler sass, baby cries and tired mornings -- Cheers to 2017!

<3 Ashley

P.S. Loving our Dockatot!!! We never thought we would co-sleep but that thing is amazing and has saved our sanity :). 

Baby Remi // Fort Collins Lifestyle Newborn Session // Fort Collins Photographers

Welcome to the world, Baby Remi! Remi is short for Remington, which is just the cutest and most classic name you could think of. Baby Remi was about 10 days old when we did his newborn shoot. He was born weighing a whopping 8 pound 6 ounces, and is the cutest little chunk. The best part is his parents are really cool. I mean, they're my friends, so that automatically means they're cool ;), but really, Remi is going to have so much growing up with Audra and Cory as his parents. Cory is pretty much a big kid at heart, and Audra is a social butterfly that everyone loves. They're both spunky, fun, creative and sweet and I'm sure Remi will follow in their footsteps. Congratulations Audra and Cory! We love Baby Remi so much already :).