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Your Baby's One Year Photo Shoot // Northern Colorado Family Photographer

Doing a photo shoot with your one year old baby is a milestone to say the least! As stressful as you feel it may be, it is such a fun time as well! Photographing a child at one year's of age is a beautiful time because they are just beginning to walk and their personality is starting to blossom. Some of the most stressful things about baby photo shoots are things like planning out locations, outfits, and wondering how your little bundle of joy is going to stay still for all those pictures. Well, don't worry; if this is something that you've been worried about I have plenty of tips for you!


Location, Location, Location

Picking a perfect location to capture images of your child and your family can be difficult. One of the most common places for a one-year shoot would be in the family home. One of the advantages of shooting in your own home is that your baby is familiar and comfortable with the location. Shooting at home can also make things easier on both your baby and yourself. There is less traveling involved and your child has everything he or she may need right in their home. With that being said, one of the perks of living in Northern Colorado is that we have a beautiful environment around us that we should take advantage of and capture in our photographs! An open field is always an ideal location for a one year photo shoot. This makes for a calm background which can work as a nice contrast for your baby's attention span! Another idea would be to shoot in a place that your baby is comfortable with or enjoys going to; such as a park. Picking a location where your child is familiar with might make for more natural pictures. Here are some pictures of one year old's in different locations throughout Northern Colorado. 


What to Wear

Picking out the perfect outfit for you and your family members can be chaotic! One thing to keep in mind is that outfits don't need to be extravagant. You want to dress nice enough that you feel proud of what you are wearing, but not too fancy to where you don't feel comfortable in what you're wearing. I feel that this is easier for a baby than an adult. Picking an outfit for your little one that shows their personality or highlights some of their features will work the best. Here are some pictures of some adorable little outfits. 


How to Pose

I find that one of the things that parents are most concerned about when getting photos taken of their young child, is that they're afraid they won't stay still for very long. This is a legit concern because anyone with children knows that they are always on the move! Luckily, when taking photos, kids don't always have to be still! Some of the best pictures are candid and come from when a child is running, laughing, or just exploring the world around them. So, don't stress out about your child not sitting still- you'll find that some of the best pictures are shot while on the move. 


In conclusion, your baby's one year photo shoot is really nothing to stress out about. Just give yourself enough time to plan out your vision for the shoot and then just relax. Hopefully these tips gave you a better idea about what to plan out and what to expect during this type of photo shoot. I'm confident that your pictures will turn out amazing!