Trip to the Pumpkin Patch | Lifestyle Photographer | The Meiers at Large

It's very rare for me to post about my family, but I have been getting inspired lately because I want to capture so much more of our daily lives. Photography styles are an ever changing thing, and I don't like to be defined by just one style, so it's fun to test out some different things on my own time. Here's our trip to the pumpkin patch this year. Even though Eleanor fell everywhere she went due to the uneven surfaces, she still wanted to walk around. She got very upset when I made her let me carry her. She's an independent one; 14 months going on 14! 

I'll keep this short and sweet. I am SO blessed to be able to document people for a living. These pictures, whether taken of my own family or someone else's family are to be treasured. My little 14 month old is a toddler; no longer a newborn or an infant. You know how fast that went?? FAST. And you know how many pictures I took? A LOT....but still not enough. Get your pictures taken people, and print them. I promise you will not look back and regret it. 

<3 Ashley